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Tools to unpack BlueByte archive files (.bba, .s5x, s6map and s6xmap). Currently packing and extraction is a one-step process, so adding or removing single files is not supported.

Settlers 5

To respect the IP of other mappers you will be unable to read the .lua files unless you prove to be worthy by solving a small programming challenge outlined in the readme. Alternatively you can also break the embarrassingly trivial encryption. ;)
Since you could just use the LuaDebugger, there's no point in obfuscating lua files anymore.


S5 bbaTool (v0.4)

Settlers 6

The bba6Tool was just released, so there may be unknown issues, which could destroy you map / bba. You should make sure to backup your data before using the tool.


S6 bbaTool (v0.1)
MapTools GUI (external link)


nevermind & oldmcdonald who documented the file format and created the S5Tools.