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S5Hook Library

S5Hook extends the Lua interface of Settlers 5 with new functionalities:

  • loading data from s5x archives
  • loading native cutscenes
  • logging & debugging
  • changing entity names
  • loading a custom GUI
  • keyboard triggers
  • custom onscreen info

Most changes are non-permanent and must be re-activated after the loading of a savegame. A list of all functions and examples is included as a comment in the code. S5Hook requires the BigNum library because of a bug in the Settlers 5 Lua implementation.

S5Hook is a new, experimental extension and as such can cause crashes. If you observe a crash, please send a mail with what action triggers the crash, your windows version and the Settlers 5 logfile.


S5Hook Library
BigNum Library (not required)
Sample Map (outdated)